It is time to stop letting cancer control your life.

It is time you started THRIVING.

Regain control of your life, stop living in fear, fill your heart and soul with joy again.

Do you remember your life before cancer?

If you are like me, it all changed once you heard the word CANCER come out of your doctor’s mouth.  You are not alone.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


  • I feel lost and alone. Like no one understands what I am going through.
  • I am uncomfortable with my body changes and scars.
  • I fear what might happen to me and my family.
  • I fear that my cancer may spread or will return.
  • My relationships are suffering.
  • I grieve for the life I used to have.
  • I feel out of control and have trouble making decisions.
  • I am having difficulty getting back to life after cancer.
  • I have lost my joy and passion for life.
  • What happened to my family and friends?
  • Why me? I am angry that I have been dealt this diagnosis.

What are these feelings costing you?

Your happiness? Your health? Your relationships? Your sanity?


It doesn’t have to be this way…


Hey, I’m Michele Ryan.

Are you tired of struggling with the pain, depression, fear, and anger that can come from a cancer diagnosis? Well, you are in the right place. I am here to help you through the emotional, spiritual, and healing process to get your life back in control and to help you truly start LIVING your beautiful life again.

I know first-hand how difficult life can be with cancer. With a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 38 and losing my husband to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma just three years later,  I understand what it feels like to struggle with the pain, uncertainty, and fear a cancer diagnosis brings.

I have been where you are, and I understand what you are going through. But I have also experienced the powerful healing transformation that happens when you decide to make a difference for yourself and your life.

Michele Ryan - Beyond Diagnosis

Beating cancer is not about if you live or die… it’s about LIVIING the beautiful life you deserve no matter what you are going through.

heart pink

Learn how to turn your diagnosis into a transformational catapult for HEALING from within, and get busy living your BEST LIFE through cancer and beyond.

I know you might be thinking, “But I’ve already tried everything and still nothing changes.”

You’re trying to listen to everyone’s advice, right?

Let me tell you, when you are sick, it seems like everyone has advice for you. From what to eat, what to do, what doctor to see and what medication to take. While they mean well, they are not you. They do not know what YOU need or what your doctor has planned out for you.

Instead, learn how to tune into and listen to your body for what it truly needs.    

You’ve tried the support groups as well?

Look, some can be incredible and help immensely, but if you don’t find the right fit with the right group of people, it can be downright depressing, leaving you feeling worse than when you went there.

Instead learn how to release the fear and find love and compassion in yourself again. Clear the clutter and negativity in your life for optimum healing.

You find yourself doing everything the doctors say but do not seem to be getting better?

It’s like an iceberg: Your physical treatment (medicine, surgeries, therapy, medication, etc.) is above the water floating on the surface. But what you do not see is below the surface, supporting your physical healing (mindset, strength, love, forgiveness, joy, happiness, courage). If you are only addressing what is above the water on the surface, the deeper stuff remains below. By not addressing the underlying issues, complete healing may not happen, and illness may reoccur.

Instead, uncover the roots of your ailments – physical, mental & spiritual, to clear, resolve and release limiting blocks that may be holding you back. Learn the mindset for transformational, lasting healing.

You’ve tried taking on everything by yourself?

Because you feel like you don’t want to burden anyone else. Unfortunately, that can cause more stress and pain in your life than you realize. It can be overwhelming and is not healthy.

Instead, learn to be clear in your needs and to ask others for help. Tune in and recognize the steps you need for optimal healing and set goals to make them happen.

You’ve tried “staying positive”? 

Which is actually just a mask you wear to make others feel comfortable. When you are ill, there is so much hype to remain positive and rally your way through to health and recovery. Staying positive all the time is not always a reality when you are sick. It can place a lot of unneeded stress on you and you may feel like you have failed should you not be able to live up to the “stay positive” expectations.


Instead, when you learn to understand and be real with your life and emotions, you learn new tools for coping with your life and illness. You find empowerment in your daily life and your life begins to change.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you think, and twice as beautiful as you ever imagined.




It’s time you started living the beautiful life you deserve…

No matter what you are going through.

I always wondered why some people seem to get through with so much strength and others seem to suffer in despair. Was the glass half full or half empty? Why were some people, who were worse off, so much happier than others? What was I missing?

It wasn’t until my husband received his terminal diagnosis, that I truly learned and began to understand what it was all about. You see, even though he was dying and in so much pain, he opened his eyes and his heart to all the beauty that was around him. He healed, he loved deeper, laughed louder, forgave, connected, and truly found LIFE again.


It was his mindset. It was the key.

Unless you are healed on the inside, you will never be completely physically healed on the outside. I learned that we all have the power to choose how we feel. We have the power to choose love, joy, happiness, gratitude, forgiveness… and in choosing this mindset, you will find healing like you have never experienced before. My life changed, and so can yours. 

And now I want to show you how you can choose as well. I want you to learn how to make the choice to find your joy in life again. In just a few weeks, I’ll teach you an entirely new way of thinking & approaching life through and after your diagnosis. 

“When you realize you can choose how you feel, your life becomes greater than your illness.”

Michele Ryan

You may be thinking you’re not ready for this yet. It’s either too soon or too late, both of which are excuses for you to hide from what you actually need to be doing right now. Healing starts with the first step and a desire to live a better life. The sooner you start, the sooner your life begins to change.

“Take the first step in faith.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


Beyond Diagnosis

with Michele Ryan of Courageous Cancer

You CAN:

  • Become Your Own Hero – Inspire Others!
  • Nourish Your Heart and Soul
  • Conquer Your Fear
  • Love Your Body Again
  • Choose Joy & Happiness
  • Discover Gratitude Like Never Before
  • Heal Relationships
  • Create Your “NEW Normal”                

      (Hint: …It Can Be Even Better Than Before!)

Over 8 weeks, you’ll cover 19 lessons guiding you through the entire transformation.


Start your course by reflecting where you are at right now with your life and your health. We will look back on this at the end of the course to see how far you have come.

Lesson 1: MY STORY.


Module 2 - “Into The Mirror”

Are you still the same person you were before your illness? How have you changed? We will dive into mirror work which will bring you closer to yourself than you have ever been before for profound healing.



Module 3 - “Words & Thoughts”

Learn how your words and thoughts affect your health and your life and how you can make simple changes for powerful transformation. 




Module 4 - “Cup Half Full”

What’s the #1 thing you can do to change your life? HINT: It’s in this module!



Module 5 - “Limitless Joy”

Your body knows what it needs. Learn to tune into your intuition to hear what it is telling you. Learn how to foster more joy in your life and how to create a healing environment .




Module 6 - “Brave & Fearless”

What’s holding you back from complete restoration and keeping you from moving forward? Conquer your fear and become empowered to bravely move forward. 



Module 7 - “Mapping The Journey”

What if a simple formula could change your life? Learn it here along with the tools to take action.



Module 8 - “Everyday Miracles”

Clear the hurt and anger that has been holding you back. Learn to be open to miracles and expect them in your life.



PLUS: You’ll receive these bonuses

Listen to Your Body Meditation:

You will be guided through this transformational meditation to tune into and listen to your body and what it is telling you. This incredibly powerful meditation will allow you to uncover areas that need attention – even if you aren’t fully aware of them yet. The intention is to heighten your levels of awareness and intuition as you become your own inner guide


Vision Board Party Class:

Join in on the enlightening and fun experience creating your own personal vision board! The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them top of mind, so you’re always looking for ways to move yourself closer to them – and a vision board is the perfect tool to help you do that. It supports the lessons you will learn in this course and brings those changes closer.


Access to Your Own Tribe:

You’ll also have 24/7 access to Courageous Tribe, a private, safe, supportive Facebook community. Inside, I will personally be delivering Live Q&A sessions to answer anything you have on your mind as you work through the course. 


My Book:       

A free PDF copy of my best-selling book, “What I Wish I Had Known When I was First Diagnosed”. It’s filled with commonsense advice and practical tips that provides a comprehensive roadmap to help you navigate the basic challenges of life with cancer. I cover everything from how to evaluate your health insurance to what to pack for hospital stays, all carefully laid out in an easy-to-navigate format so you can find answers to specific questions quickly. You are not on this journey alone.

Through this course you will:

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Uncover blocks that have prevented you from healing in the past to expand your beliefs of what your body is capable of achieving and identify the crippling beliefs that have been holding you back.

heart pink

Create an ideal environment to facilitate healing by clearing away negative clutter and negative relationships in your life

heart pink

Discover the power of love and how to listen to your body’s silent needs because self love is the most powerful healing tool you can learn. You’ll foster self-love and compassion through simple exercises to incorporate in your everyday life.

heart pink

Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back from healing by stopping the little voices that convince you that you cannot be/do/or have something. We will tackle these beliefs through positive visualization and mindset techniques to help you release and overcome what’s been holding you back. You’ll discover that it is easier to let go of these beliefs than it is to hold on to them. The physical effects of these beliefs are pronounced on your body and wellbeing and effect so many areas in your life.

heart pink

Transform your life into a balance of body mind and spirit by discovering how the mind and body are interconnected and in what way this tremendously affects your health and happiness. Throughout the course, we’ll work together to achieve overall wellness and cultivate a mind-body-balance.

heart pink 

Learn tools for positive transformation that will take you far beyond your diagnosis and can be applied to all aspects of your life for success way beyond your health. They are simple yet transformational teachings that will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life.

heart pink

Release the pain and fear you have been holding on to so that it no longer prevents you from healing and living your best life. Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone. You’ll learn simple techniques to release your fear and start living your best life possible.

It’s time to invest in yourself, your health and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost and fearful about your diagnosis and you’ve you forgotten what it’s like to feel joy, you’re in the right place. Surround yourself with new-found unconditional love and understanding as we go through the steps for great change together. Through simple lessons and techniques you can take back your life and health. Create a deeper understanding of yourself to generate health and well-being in your life. DIscover why joy and self-love are so important on your path to healing.

Isn’t this just about positive thinking?

Mindset goes way beyond positive thinking. It’s about healing your life from within… where true healing begins.

Why is “mindset” so important?

Mindset is the bedrock of transformational healing. So often we try to fix or change what’s on the surface… the physical issues and treatment. But your mindset is the foundation (under the surface, like an iceberg) that supports your healing and well-being from inside.

I am so sick. I don’t have the time or energy to take a course or a class.

I understand. That’s why everything I do is short, simple and to the point.  Transformation does not have to be hard.

I've finished treatment. Will this still benefit me?

Absolutely! These skills will take you way beyond life with cancer.

I don't have cancer, but I suffer from another illness. Will this help me too?

Yes! Yes! Yes! The tools here will help anyone… illness or not!
They are LIFE tools!

Will this course take a lot of my time?

Not at all. I know how overwhelming illness can be. The modules are designed to be short and impactful, offering you maximum benefit. The course is just 8 weeks long with 19 simple, easy paced lessons. There are approximately 2 videos each week and each are less than 10 minutes each and you can watch them at your own pace.

Is there a lot of homework or tests?

The “homework” is reflective of your own input… the more honest and vulnerable you are with yourself, the bigger the results will be. Through simple steps, great transformation occurs. There are no tests. Take a little bit of healing quiet time for yourself each day to reflect on what you have learned and discovered to practice your new tools. Simple exercises will help you work through obstacles to create great change. 

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You will have lifetime access to all materials for you to come back and visit any time you like. 

How do I start?

Upon payment, you’ll be sent an email with details on where to login and access the course content. You’ll be able to get started right away. In the welcome email, you’ll find access to the group

The right mindset will set you on a course that strengthens, heals and

 transforms you along your healing path and beyond cancer.

What people are saying:

“I noticed not only the change in me, but in my friends and family who witnessed my transformation. So happy to have found this course!”

Betty G

“I couldn’t wait for the next video in the course. What a difference this has made in my life.”

Lil T

“My heart feels full again. Thank you.”

Tammy D

Meet Michele Ryan

At the age of 38, I was living the dream. I had married my soul mate. My youngest son had just turned three and my oldest son had graduated high school, joined the Army and was setting out on his life. I was the happiest I had been in a long time. That all changed in a moment when I found a lump on my breast. I was quickly thrown into the world of surgeries, chemo, radiation, medication, and illness. My world turned upside down overnight. I struggled to make sense of it all. I feared for myself and my family. And if that wasn’t enough, just three years later, my husband received a diagnosis of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It was terminal and he passed a year later.

I understand what it feels like to struggle with the pain, uncertainty, and fear a cancer diagnosis brings. My experience transformed my life and is the inspiration that brought me here to you.  It is my passion to help you discover the beautiful life that exists despite a cancer diagnosis, and the profound healing that can come from it.

    About Michele

    Michele Ryan is the leader in inspirational change, empowering a new era of cancer patients and survivors to live their best lives.

    She is a:


    • Cancer Mentor
    • Best Selling Author
    • Canfield Success Principles Trainer
    • Clinical Hypnotherapist
    • Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioner
    • National Inspirational Speaker
    Michele Ryan - Beyond Diagnosis